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Charlie Wood is a science journalist who refers to himself in the third person only for SEO purposes. He's also gone by Charles, Chuck, Carlos, and チャーリー at various points in the past. Charlie covers advances in the physical sciences both on and off the planet, but has a soft spot for universal phenomena. You can read his work at Quanta Magazine, Scienceline, The Christian Science Monitor, and other publications. He once talked about construction robots on NPR and taught Tom Ashbrook what a dodecahedron is. 


Originally from the backwoods of Maine, Charlie has somehow found his way to New York for journalism school after wandering through Providence,  Mozambique, and Japan along the way. If you've got questions, tips, or want to hear about the time he recreated a lunar eclipse for a witch doctor using a rock and a headlamp, you can find him on Twitter @walkingthedot





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